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Starts at Php 4,900 per month

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Stop losing receipts!

Scan receipts with your phone before you lose them or they fade. Details are extracted and auto-filled into expense reports.Our technology recognizes Philippine receipts and language.

Auto-generate Expense Reports

Eliminate manual encoding into Excel.Auto-generated reports include merchant name, date, amount, OR number, TIN, VAT details, address.Expenses are also auto-categorized

Automate Approvals

Submit reports and make approvals even when you are not in the office.Approve by expense line item or by entire report.Duplicate detection minimizes the possibility of fraudulent claims.

Easily access receipts and invoices

No more email overload; no more saving reports and receipts into folders; no more re-naming of files.The “Intelligent Search” feature allows you to find documents just by typing in category, merchant name, TIN, remarks and other fields.

Eliminate double work for accounting staff

Disbursement reports can be generated in a few clicks.Built for the Philippines, OliviaXpense auto-generates BIR compliant SLP reports.

Integrate with your HRIS system

In connecting OliviaXpense with your existing systems, your company will have a single platform that consolidates spend data and speeds up processes.


We'd like to keep it simple and affordable.
Just choose your tier.

Small Business

(approx. 20-30 employees)

Php 4,900


700 receipt scan credits
per month
Unlimited users


(approx. 70-100 employees)

Php 18,700


3,000 receipt scan credits
per month
Unlimited users


(approx. 150-300 employees)

Custom pricing

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All plans include:

  • Dedicated mobile app

  • Web-based approval center

  • 3-years of cloud storage

  • Multiple reports creation

  • Cash advance management

  • Comments feature

  • Expense history

  • Credit card transactions tagging

  • Reports status

  • Duplicate detection

  • Auto-categorisation of expenses

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